How the HubSpot Academy courses work

When HubSpot peeps into the company, then the whole way of
doing business changes. The tools and services made available guarantee a
complete Management of both the Marketing and Sales areas. But there is more:
the possibility that HubSpot offers its customers to do training-online and
free-in these areas.

We talk about the HubSpot Academy and how its courses work.

HubSpot Academy is a world leader in inbound Marketing and
Sales training. Since 2012, the mission of HubSpot Academy is to transform the
way people and businesses grow, offering online courses for the digital Age:
lectures, projects, certifications, skills management software.

Nowadays, HubSpot has become the main symbol of the Inbound
movement, with over 60 thousand certificates each year. The courses developed
by the HubSpot experts are translated into 4 languages and every day in the
world there are hundreds of people who achieve certifications.

As an official learning resource for HubSpot, the HubSpot
Academy aims to educate and inspire people everywhere in the world, helping
them learn how to do marketing, to sell, to grow their business in inbound

HubSpot Academy Courses: how they work

Within the company, the HubSpot Academy courses are
addressed to:


Marketing Managers

Sales Managers

Social Media Manager

There are many reasons why to follow a course of the academy
HubSpot or to propose it to collaborators and employees:

Sales Need energy

Traders have difficulty managing the contacts provided by
the Marketing team

The company wants to increase contacts and then more sales

The commercial policy in place is not satisfactory and is
sold only in the presence of promotions or discounts

You need to personalize communication with different

And in any case, despite being ironed in the topic,
following a course hubspot in a free way you get the certification, becoming
Inbound Specialist: An excellent reward for the time invested in training.

Access to the courses is carried out by the CRM, entering
the academy website. At this point you just have to explore the
home page, looking for the course more in line with your needs to meet.

The original language of each course is of course English
(American), the translations available are in German, Spanish and Portuguese.
Most of the courses are available in a free way.

Each experienced HubSpot specializes in a particular field
and keeps the courses taking advantage of the power of the videos. In addition
to direct explanations from experts, the videos have examples of slides and concrete
cases that facilitate the comprehension of the most important concepts.

A transcript of everything that is illustrated during the
online lesson is also available: this material (which can also be printed) is
very useful, both because it is easier to understand than the oral explanation
(being in English language) Both because the paper support helps in the study,
in the storage and allows you to take notes or insert personal notes in the